What do fake Seresto collars look like

November 30, 2023by petty0

Fake Seresto collars can often look very similar to a legitimate collar. The counterfeit products may appear nearly identical in shape, size, and color to a genuine one. The packaging may also appear to be the same or very similar. In addition, counterfeiters may even use genuine Seresto logos and artwork on their products.

However, there are some signs that can help you identify fake Seresto collars when compared with a genuine product. Fake versions commonly have spelling mistakes in the text of the product name or active ingredient description; incorrect dosing information; poor quality printing; poor-quality plastic clips that easily break or contain sharp edges; manufacturing defects including exposed seams, rough edges, inconsistent spot treatments, and thicker plastic layers; inconsistent logo design and branding elements; poorly applied adhesive backing for providing extra grip on the collar (in faux leather models). Also look out for unexpected odors which could indicate cheap materials being used as well as shorter lifespans as these collars may not last as long as genuine ones.

Check the Imprint: Genuine collars will have the Bayer Animal Health logo imprinted on them.

One of the easiest ways to identify a genuine Seresto Collar is by looking for the Bayer Animal Health logo imprinted on it. All genuine Seresto Collars should bear the blue and red Bayer Animal Health logo along with the words “Seresto” and “Bayer”. If a collar does not have the Bayer Animal Health logo, then it is likely that it’s fake.

Another way to check whether your collar is genuine or not is by giving it a good sniff. Fake collars often have an unpleasant odor to them, whereas genuine collars will have a faintly pleasant scent due to their unique active ingredient (Imidacloprid/Flumethrin). If you notice that your collar does not have this pleasing scent, it might be time to consider seresto-collar.com taking it back for a refund.

Read the Packaging: Authentic Seresto collars come in white, blue and yellow packaging.

When you’re looking at Seresto collars, it’s important to take note of the packaging. Authentic Seresto collars come in white, blue and yellow packages. The collar itself should have a plastic security label with a unique 18-digit code that can be scanned or entered into Seresto’s website to verify its authenticity. Fake Seresto collars may not include this label, or it may look visibly different from ones found on authentic collars.

Checking for how the instructions and information looks is also important. Fakes are often printed in poor quality, with typos and grammar errors present in copyediting. Missing the usual labeling mentioned above or minor details such as incomplete font styles or incorrect SKUs can also be signs of counterfeits.

Comparing prices between sellers is another way to identify possible fake collar purchases as counterfeiters will typically sell their products at much lower prices than authentic once sold by reputable retailers.

Examine the Cap Tabs: The bottom of a genuine Seresto collar has two tabs for easy opening and closing of the collar.

Examining the cap tabs is an important part of determining whether a Seresto collar is genuine or not. Genuine Seresto collars have two tab-like pieces on the bottom that can be used to easily open and close the collar. Fake Seresto collars, however, often have only one tab or no tabs at all. The presence of two tabs is a fairly reliable marker that your collar is genuine.

It’s also important to pay attention to the material the tabs are made of – genuine Seresto collars will have tabs made of strong plastic that won’t snap or break easily. Fake ones may be made of cheaper materials, such as low-grade plastics or cardboard, which may chip and break off after some use. Finally, some counterfeiters will try to mimic real Seresto collars by making their own tabbed caps – make sure these together properly and alignment accurately when opening and closing the collar.

Look for Tamper Resistant Seals: A reliable Seresto collar will come with tamper resistant seals.

If you’re trying to determine if a Seresto collar is real or not, then make sure to check for tamper resistant seals. A reliable Seresto collar will come with tamper resistant seals that are hard to remove without damaging the product. So if the seal looks like it’s been opened, it’s probably a good indication that the collar isn’t genuine.

Genuine Seresto collars also come with instructions on how to properly place and secure them around your pet’s neck. Fake versions of this product may not have proper directions, so there’s no way to guarantee that they’ll fit properly. Additionally, fake products do not offer the same water-resistant protection or flea/tick treatments as their genuine counterparts.

Be sure to always purchase your Seresto collars from an authorized reseller or veterinarian so that you know they’re getting a real version of this important pet care product!

In brief

There are a few key differences between genuine and counterfeit seresto collars that can help you identify which one is authentic. It’s important to take all of these measures into consideration before making a purchase because it can potentially save you money and also ensure that your pet remains safe from pests and parasites.

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